Blinding Brilliance

Guess what – you are brilliant. You probably have no idea how brilliant you could be. This evening is an opportunity to open your eyes and allow the cards to show you your own fabulousness and uniqueness. They will reveal your most amazing skills and advise you where to direct them. They will uncover any darkness and replace it with hope and excitement. They will advise you what qualities you have which you need to recognise and expose your true exquisite nature.

If you need a boost ….
If you feel a bit stuck ….
If you are not feeling yourself …
If you have no idea of your worth ….
If you keep thinking ‘why me?’ ….
If you feel hurt and confused …..
If life feels a chore …..
If you feel lost …..

Come along and see yourself as you truly are, come along and be dazzled by your light and beauty. It’s time to shine. You are brilliant. You just need to realise this. You will leave this evening with your own tarot therapy spread to help you move towards a more peaceful and calmer life if that is what you truly wish.

Tuesday 19th July – 7pm
Thursday 21st July – 7pm

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A confidential group of caring and sharing with love. We shall be using the cards, we shall be doing some mental exercises to open our minds and definitely challenging our core beliefs (which often are not based on any realities whatsoever and hold us back from creating our dreams). Together we will find ways to lead a more fulfilling, happier, joyful life and reach those goals we want to reach.